Monday, 1 December 2014

City of Ember Instructions

We were reading the City of Ember and found this in the back of the book.
We paired up in twos and tried to figure out as much as we could,
we found out that they were instructions that were from the begining of the book.
The next step we did was come together and helped eachother to work out what some of the words were. We figured out:
Instuctions for Egres
This official document in strict secure _______ period of 200 years.
_____ preparation ________ made for inhabetence in the city. As follows:
1. Exsplore the river in the Pipeworks.
 2._________ stone marked with E by rivers edge.
3. Climb the ladder down riverbank ______ to ledge approximently 8 feet below.
4.______ turn your backs to the water, ______________ find door of bo
___ker. key behind small steal pannel to the right __________. Remove  the key, open the door.
5. ___________ boat, _______ stocked with necesssary equiptment. Back  _______
onto s _____ eet.
6. using  _______ ropes, lower the boat to the water. Head down stream . using the paddles to aviod rocks and assist over rapids.
7. _________ approx. 3 hours. Disemble __________. follow the path.


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